School Board

The school board is formed by:

  • Georges Gedeon
  • Elie Gedeon
  • Victor Gedeon
  • Marwan Gedeon
Top 7 Reasons Why Organizational Change Fails

A misstart occurs when a change is ill advised, hastily implemented or attempted without sufficient commitment. This is a leadership credibility killer.

When wholesale nhl jerseys china leadership commits to a change, the message must be that the change is not an option. But the wholesale jerseys message that often comes across is “We’d like you to change, we’re asking you to change, we implore you to change, please change.” Whenever people have the option not to change, they won’t.

A great deal of resentment is aroused when management announces a change and then mandates the specifics of implementation. Employees need to be involved in two ways. First, their input and suggestions should be solicited when planning the change. Secondly, after a change has cheap jerseys china been committed cheap nhl jerseys to, they should be involved in determining the means. Leadership needs to communicate, “Here’s what must happen. How do you think it can best be done?”

Change is an inside job. Although outsiders like consultants might provide valuable ideas and input, people inside the systems must accept wholesale nfl jerseys from china responsibility for the change. Scapegoating cheap jerseys and wholesale jerseys passing the buck is not an option.

If you keep rewarding employees for what they’ve always done, you’ll wholesale jerseys keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Make sure that rewards, recognition and compensation are adjusted for the desired change.

Leadership doesn’t walk the talk

For change to happen, everybody involved must buy in. Leadership, however, must wholesale mlb jerseys take the first steps. Change is aborted whenever leadership doesn’t demonstrate the same commitment it expects from others.

The wholesale jerseys best planning is worthless if not implemented, monitored and carried out. Responsibility must be clearly defined for making sure that follow through is timely and intense.Articles Connexes:

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