Day with the firefighters

Coordinated by the school administration in cooperation with all of the “Directorate of Civil Defense” and “Directorate of Internal Security Forces” – the Division of Public Relations -,

lectures to learn about their respective tasks, building the curriculum school in the fourth grade primary “rescuers heroes helping my brothers who are suffering.” But in orderbehind the deployment of Almarafhogayt lectures on the fourth and fifth grades essential. The first lecture: civil defense tasks and equipment in his car. Speech: medic and Savior and fireman empowered Buyons and was assisted by Tariq authorized. A – civil defense tasks: put out forest fires in homes, rescue trapped fire, the wounded and even dead in traffic accidents (the only device that intervene in difficult situations), rescue shipwrecked in the river or the sea, save snow-trapped … B – Materials: fireman cars – cars to transport the injured – ships rescued freely (Lynch) – cruisers Zodiac – 4 helicopters (under the supervision of the disposal of the Lebanese army) … C – the number of its branches: 213 distributors Center on various parts of the country. D – active substances used to put out fires: FOAN Class A For oil and petroleum materials FOAN Class C Greater jungles E – custom dress of the Civil Defense: بذة “Asbestos” dark blue color which is against fire Then you know the students to Car Equipment civil defense in various parts of luminescent, hoses, several shear (with field test) …

Day-With-The-Firefighters 2

students and firefighters

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on the ground