KG3 books

Lycée Amchit                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Classe de PS3 ( 12ème )


  Liste des manuels scolaires

2013 / 2014


Lecture : Aux 4 vents – GS – ( livre + Cahier de lecture et d’écriture 1, 2 et 3  – Lib. Samir


Mathématiques : Coll. Puissance – Année préparatoire – PS3 – 2002 ( Lib. Al-Ahlia )

Arabe :

–         روضة الفرح – كتاب القراءة ( دار المفيد )

–        روضة الفرح – أوراق التطبيق ( دار المفيد )

ملاحظـة هــامــة :


    هذا العام أيضاً إرتأت إدارة قسم Préscolaire   الاستغناء عن بعض الكتب المدرسية وإعطاءها للتلامذة بشكل ملفات تصوّر في المدرسة وتعطى تباعاً للطلاب ومنها :

–         Catéchèse

–         Éveil ( en arabe )

–         Graphismes ( en arabe et en français )

بالاضافة الى مواد قرطاسية يطلب عادة شراؤها من قبل الأهل وهي ستعطى في مدرستنا الى التلامذة في بدء العام  الدراسي :

Crayons feutre (4), Boîte de crayons cire, Crayons pour fiches auto-correctives (3), règle, crayons mine (5), Boîte de crayons de couleur, Uhu ( Stick ) (3), Cahier de dessin, dossier à chemisettes, enveloppe à fermeture, chemisette.

لــذلــك يـرجى دفع مبلغ 25 دولاراً في قسم الحضانة وذلك لقاء كل ما سبق

–          Tenue de sport ( été + hiver ) + costume + casquette ( vendus à l’école )

–          casquette.

–          Serviette de table.

–          Assiette, gobelet, fourchette.

Tous les habits, cartables, tabliers … doivent être marqués au nom de l’enfant.

Le tablier est obligatoire sauf si précisé par note.

Faites de temps en temps un shampoing « anti-poux » ( on ne sait jamais )

Interdiction :

–          Pop corn, bonjus, chips, chewing-gum, sucette, beignets, tartines d’œufs, ou de poisson.

–          Vernis à ongles, mèches colorées, bijoux (sauf petites boucles d’oreilles )

Nous vous remercions de votre aide et de votre compréhension et restons à votre disposition pour toutes questions que vous aimeriez poser.

Why Planning Is The Most Important Step In Your Website Design Journey

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It’s kind of like hiring a contractor to build you your dream house. You tell them the colors, the finishes, the number of rooms, and that you really really want a hot tub in the back. He shows you some pictures of what he’s going to build, you oooh and ahhh, and tada he builds you a house!

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Just like a house, your website needs to have a strategic plan behind Wholesale NFL Jerseys China it before you build.

Creating that strategic plan can be tough for solopreneurs because even though you understand your cheap jerseys customers and have great services, you are probably not a web strategy expert (unless that’s your specialty). And what you think might be logical (just like your contractor thought), actually doesn’t translate into something functional that’s going to bring you results.

So how do you create a winning plan for your website?

1. Creating Curb Appeal

The first step to planning your design is deciding how you want visitors to perceive you.

This is really where the looks come in, because while strategy trumps beauty it’s still important that the style represents you.

While you will choose colors and imagery that convey your unique style, the most important part of choosing how you want to be perceived is the content that goes on the pages, and this isn’t something most website designers help you with.

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Whether or not you’re being intentional about the conclusions you want them to draw, your website visitors are creating a picture of who you are. So making a conscious choice in how you want to be perceived is important.

2. The Front Door Shouldn’t Open Into The Bedroom

Just like planning the flow of a house, you need to plan the flow of your websiteHouse visitors would find it a bit forward cheap jerseys and/or very awkward to walk straight into your bedroom upon entering your house. Likewise, walking right into a list of offerings on your home page can be kind of a turn off to visitors that don’t know you yet.

To plan your flow you do need to know what offers you want to make to wholesale jerseys china prospects, and where it’s appropriate to make them.

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