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go it alone. An Australian study investigated the effects of a 16 week lifestyle modification program for new couples that recently moved in together. The researchers found that couples who changed their behaviors as a team had better success than those going it alone. The couples lost weight, improved their diet, exercised more and reduced their cholesterol levels. 4,5 Most importantly, one year after the program ended, the couples had maintained their weight loss and improved their overall health. A study on African American adults who Discount Michael kors partnered with a family member to lose weight observed that participants were most successful when their family member actively participated and likewise succeeded in losing weight. 6 A meta analysis of 34 studies of adults with type 2 diabetes concluded that the only factor associated with weight loss was inclusion of a partner or relative in the treatment program.7 Similar results have also been found in couples working to reduce their risk of disease and increase their activity. A study on close to 1,500 British couples participating in a lifestyle intervention program to reduce the risk for heart disease found that those who benefited the most had

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