Independance day

On November 22, 2013 oriented application School is not Amchit to the base welds air in the Lebanese army, where he was greeted by the commander, officers and Askaraao Qaeda who Raahbu their فاقاموا them round exploratory at the base and then moved students to school special forces found near the base thy them turn a military paradeon the mountains.

In conclusion greeting from the heart where the students said: “No matter how heated the difficulties, it remains the Lebanese army fort and shelter, guarantor of security, safety salvation and righteousness, O Lebanon soldiers blessed you heaven and earth. Not complete independence but Bactmal Lebanese flag is complete Lebanese flag only Ppalarzh that adorned. Celebrated Lacey Amshit anniversary of independence as usual every year and i will be requested at the stadium carrying flags presenters taught to their homeland., And culminate in the celebration for the purpose of Cedar Park building nursery, planted d. George Demian IeononLisse soldiers Amshit hope that cedar is rooted in the to facilitate Amshit for our students is rooted in their land ind 15 ind 16 ind 17 ind 18 ind 19 ind 20 ind 1 ind 2 ind 3 ind 4 ind 5 ind 6 ind 7 ind 8 ind 9 ind 10 ind 11 ind 12 ind 13 ind 14