Important Note

Important note:

Students should wear sports clothing in the days in which the share of the sport, even if there is mind healthy circumstantial.

As for the exemption from the sport, it is done through:

An official medical report where the doctor explains why the inability to exercise and if the administration felt that there was a manipulation of, converts the pupil to the school doctor.

Telephone call conducted by parents, no paper because the student can imitate his family line and even their signatures, with the administration of the temporary exemption from the sport.

When the final exemption, the pupil permanently exempted from wearing sports clothing.

If parents have forgotten or delayed laundering formal dress, Normal or Sport, check us by telephone even conducting necessary thing.

Attakiam work of students: Brands

To assess the work of students takes two: directions

– First-oriented: the pursuit daily

– Seek daily assesses verbal Btzmaat and written and correct homework and preparations, that linear Altzmaat and assumptions observation in the classroom have a greater stake in the evaluation, they evaluate students’ work a week or every two weeks or three.

– Second-oriented: Exam

– Advancing students to three exams per year in the last of each chapter exam, if signs of exams do not outweigh the importance of signs to seek daily and all exams have the same importance and the end of the school year is collected signs examinations and seek daily separately and given each ratio, to extract the overall rate.

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