Claire Gabriel Gedeon

Claire Gabriel Gedeon

Claire Gabriel Gedeon (1944 – 2010)

Marie-Claire descends from a Beit Shabeb family, has 3 sisters and 2 brothers.ClaireGabrielGedeon-236x300

While her parents were abroad, as was most common with many Lebanese families at that time, she was brought up in Beit Shabeb Sisters school till the age of 16, where she showed interest in Literature and Theatre.

Upon completing high school, she decided to continue her studies in psychology, and for that purposes travelled to France where she spent a few years, then came back to Lebanon.

She started her career in Lebanon, in many teaching institutions where she was teaching French literature and philosophy. And in parallel, she devoted her time to take care of children with difficult needs in specialized centers.

She met there her future husband, Georges Gedeon, and together, they moved to Amchit, where they show both interest in bringing back the school to life, a school which was hammered by the political turbulence in the 1970s.

She worked as the director of the school for several years, and once she had her 3rd child, she decided to dedicate her time for raising up her children, and hired a principal for the school.

014-300x300  She gave birth to 3 boys: Elie, Victor and Marwan.

Elie currently resides in Cyprus, with his wife and kid. He’s a computer scientist, and works with    TSYS

Victor resides in Lebanon. He’s a civil engineer specialized in water and environment. He    currently works with the Beirut Water Authority.

Marwan resides in Lebanon. He’s an electrical engineer specialized in telecommunications and      networking. He currently works with CME Offshore.

Claire’s contribution to Lycee Amchit was on many fronts

  •   A school director
  •   French literature teacher
  •   Psychologist

Her footprint on the school is still marked in the heart of the staff and most students. They mostly referred to her as ‘their mother’ for the special love and care she used to give to each and everyone

Currently, the new building of Lycee Amchit, featured on frontpage, is named after her: Pavillon Claire Gabriel Gedeon

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