Grade 2

Grade 2 A

Grade 2 A

Abou-Jawdé Paul – Bou-Latouf Rayen – Chamas Houssein – Charbel Peter – Dagher Thérèsa – Dib Rony – Estéphan Naïm – Fakhry Elie – Haddad Rita – Howayek Angela – Ibrahim Alex –  Ibrahim Magalie – Khairallah Elige – Maalouf Michel – Merhi Sirine – Nakhlé Clarita – Salameh Charbel – Yazbek Angela – Younès Gaëlle.

Grade 2 B

Grade 2 B

Aamary Jonathan – Abboud Savio – Abi-Fadel Peter – Abi-Hanna Erica – Aoun Jana – Boutros Rita – Dariane Céline – Fayez Michelle – Hajj-Boutros Iyad – Hamzeh Ghady – Harb Anthony – Harb Cynthia – Howayek Adriana – Kadiry Rayan – Kanaan Elie – Karam Peter – Khalifé
Marie-José – Noun Rawi – Sayah Cynthia.

Top 7 Steps To Improving Your Concentration

Start by eliminating all thoughts, concepts, ideas, and all information wholesale nhl jerseys china that is not cheap jerseys relevant to what you have decided is the most important cheap jerseys issue to concentrate on. You can only get what you focus on most, so be careful on what you decide to focus on.

Take control of your surroundings. Make sure you are at peace with your environment, and if you’re not, CHANGE it. Add warmer lighting, or better air conditioning or put your facility in an order that allows your mind to not wander off thinking about how you are uncomfortable in your space.

Slow down, take a deep breath wholesale mlb jerseys china and visualize yourself getting the wholesale jerseys end outcome that you have decided to concentrate on. Athletes do it all the time, and so can business professionals.

State your objectives in positive tense. A wise person once said that you should never be against anything, but always be for that which you want most. ex: Don’t be against dumb or lazy Cheap Jerseys From China employees, but rather be for hiring, attracting, and inspiring folks that you decide to have on your team to fully realize their potential while accomplishing the goals of the organization.

Plan your day. It’s ok to NOT have a open door cheap jerseys china policy. I don’t have an open door policy, but I do have an open Email policy, which means that I train my team to communicate 90% of their needs via email. There would be no way that we’d be able to accomplish what we’re able to execute on, business plan wise, cheap jerseys if I left my door open all day, every day. My point: It’s ok to take control of your space and create RULES for yourself and your time that allows you to concentrate on what is most important to you and your time.

Understand the powers of your sub conscious mind. Realize that right before bed time is when you can tap into the extremely untapped powers of your mind. Try this: Next time you need to come up with answers to some very tough questions, ask yourself the questions right before you go to sleep, and then have faith that you will come up with the best answers as you drift off into sleep.

Never make excuses about why you can’t concentrate. If you were a fully wholesale jerseys self actualized person, you’d realize that no one cares about your excuses, and that the only main person cheap jerseys you are letting down is yourself. Instead, if you’ve got a reason why you can’t concentrate, DO something about it immediately.Articles Connexes:

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