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Whispering Xiaoshan

Xiaoshan Lace were first getting loud. Yesterday, with 80 years of production history of the Xiaoshan lace obtained “China’s lace capital” title.

Yesterday afternoon, the cheap mlb jerseys awarding ceremony was held in Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel. Vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association, honorary chairman of the Li participated in the ceremony.

Xiaoshan lace originated in Venice, Italy, transliteration of Wanlv silk, is a direct line of knitted Tiaoxiu with lace. Xiaoshan lace making process introduced by the Shanghai business was removed Xiaoshan Hom Town, Canton Town, opened in 1919, the first lace factory George lace factory.

After 80 years, generations of artists temper, Xiaoshan lace from the then two kinds of needle method, developed to have more than 30 kinds of wholesale cheap jerseys needle method, more than 20 varieties and thousands of specifications, the world famous lace craft, the product won the National Quality Gold Medal wholesale nba jerseys Award.

In 2004, cheap jerseys Xiaoshan lace industry gross output value of 3.0 billion, employing more than 100,000, the highest profit wholesale jerseys and tax 960 million yuan, the production scale wholesale jerseys ranks first in the country, the output accounts for 50% of the country’s total output, exports accounted for 40% of the cheap authentic jerseys national export volume, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, more than 50 countries and regions. Backbone enterprises of Zhejiang Xiaoshan Artex Lace Co., Ltd. is the country’s largest manufacturer of lace, one of the production of export, the company has become the nation’s largest embroidery and hand embroidered edge production base.

Xiaoshan by the name “Chinese Lace capital”, in order to promote the traditional craft Xiaoshan, devising a regional brand, bigger and stronger lace industry, has provided an opportunity. Xiaoshan Lace will strengthen the sector planning, regulation corporate market behavior, wholesale jerseys encourage enterprises to fair competition, improve the overall quality of the industry and safeguard the overall interests of the industry, and strive to create a good production base of lace at the national level. Xiaoshan Lace wholesale jerseys china in wholesale jerseys china the future will gradually out of the “accessories” market positioning, in high simulation synthetic fabrics and home textile market, occupy the leading position in the existing equipment and capacity, based on the brand management direction.Articles Connexes:

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