Your Past Shapes Your Thoughts Vol 1

Many people in life don’t want to think about their past because a lot of times people think about the pain that is associated with it. The reality is everyone’s past has allowed us to become who we are today whether that be good or bad. Things in the past have happened for a reason whether we want to believe it or not and we should all have taken things from the past and learned from them all.

For instance if you have had situations in life where you may have failed at something I’m sure you not only remember the pain of that failure but you have thought about things that you could have don to marvel contest of champions tool prevent from failing.I know early own in my Air Force career I partied a lot and I had no cares in the world about nothing but myself and the pleasures of life that I was experiencing at the time.

I knew I had a big test coming up to show the Air Force how much of my job I knew in order to advance to the next level but I kept putting it off so that I could go and party with my friends. What I didn’t realize was my friends had already completed their clash royale hack tool testing and they were all good to go. When the day came for me to take my test I missed it by 1 point and I was devastated.

I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for my failure but my mind wanted me to believe that the system screwed me over. After about two days of thinking about the mistakes I made I wanted to make things right so I could stay in the Air Force so I made it a point to let my friends know that I was not going to be partying for a while and I would be focusing on my Air Force testing.

The day I told them their response was castle clash hack download “Bro we thought you had already tested just like us” and my reply was “Yeah I did test and I missed by one point.” The whole room went silent.Shortly after my friends told me “Man we are sorry because we should have looked out for you a little bit better but we’ll make sure we leave you alone for a few weeks so you can study.”

Two weeks passed and I was ready to test. I woke up that morning and went into the testing center to take the test and I was very nervous and my hands were sweating but I knew I could do it. The test facilitator brought me my test and dived in. I finished in about 20 minutes because I knew all the answers and I found out I passed and I actually blew it out of the water.

Of course this was not my only failure in life but was one of the most significant ones. I didn’t like the way I felt when I got the results from the first test so I had to make positive changes in my life and that’s what I did. Now because of that situation that happened to me I never put things throne rush cheat in front of my number one priority which is excelling at what I am supposed to be doing in order to provide for my family.

I encourage you to make positive changes in your life so that you don’t have to go through some of roblox robux hack the same things that I had to go through.I also encourage you to prioritize your responsibilities in life and make sure you have them listed in the proper order. You have to establish your own personal list of importance because no one can tell you what is more important to you than you.